What to Blog About? How To Find Blog Post Topics That Generate Traffic in 2020

Hey, glad you can! in today’s post I will share a simple tool Two things I use to find the perfect blog post topic. If you still can’t decide What is the blog about?You are in the right place!

The advantage of having your own blog is that you can write anything. But the most important thing is this:

You must publish a post at Your readers want to see. as simple as that

Seriously, that’s the core of every Successful blogs are there. They offer valuable content to readers. Helpful Tutorial or resource list They all serve the same purpose:

They solve readers’ problems and answer their questions.

and you know what? That’s what this post is all about. You just have to find out what people interested in your niche are looking for. That’s all it has to offer.

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Step #1: What are people searching for in your field?

This is the most important element of this entire blog topic!

in general anyone can have blog But only a few will reach the top and succeed.

Why is that?

Because a successful blog is business and must be treated the same It’s not a playground for just writing a journal.

And sadly, this is where so many bloggers make a terrible mistake: they fail to deliver. precious content to their readers by writing something they want to write

Being able to meet the needs of your readers is more important than starting a blog in the first place. OK, maybe I’ll do some drama here. But let’s seriously think about it:

How can a blog be successful if its content doesn’t match what the audience wants?

So blogging is like building any other product or service. Therefore, it must be in line with the interests of the target audience.

what to do next

Here’s how you can find out what people in your field are searching for:

Step 1:
Head over to Google.com.

Step 2:
Type relevant keywords into the search box, I’m using “Learn Web Design” Because that’s what my blog is all about.

Here’s what Google recommends based on what people are searching for:

What is the blog about?  How to find blog post topics that generate traffic by searching on Google

I see that the first recommendation from Google is:

  1. learn web design for free
  2. learn web design online for free

From these two recommendations I know most people don’t want to spend a lot of money to learn this new skill.

In addition, moreover I see people looking for “fast” and “in 30 days” too. Obviously there is a need for resources that can speed up the learning process too. Cool!

Step 3:
Next, find one of the top recommendations. on the result page Scroll all the way down to see relevant searches for that topic. for learning web design The top relevant recommendations are “For beginners” in it:

Blogging Tips on What to Blog: How to Find Blog Post Topics and Ideas That Generate Massive Traffic to Your Blog Using Google

Step 4:
Put all your findings together for a blog post idea.

For example, I can write a post titled

  • Best Free Website Design Courses for Beginners or
  • 10 Amazing Free Website Design Courses For Beginners

Get new content ideas here. Guaranteed to generate traffic for your posts. It’s just what the people in your area are. interested in reading.

There really is no rocket science behind it. I suggest you keep this research as simple as possible when you just start your blog and start creating content when you understand You can start to see more details. can research more

Step #2: What is popular in your field right now?

The good thing with most blog topics is that trend. They come and they go, yes.

But it’s what everyone’s talking about. and reading About!

There are new things coming out all the time and new hot topics. that everyone is talking about online

Even if 90% of everything “modern” is just nonsense. But it is what people fond to read about

There is always something that catches the attention of the web and everyone’s All hypnosis acts on it. The trend may be the new popular food. Celebrities get their work done. or new popular products

It’s everywhere, every time and you can’t avoid it.

And that’s what you will experience!

It depends on what your blog is about. Finding ideas for blog posts is easy. Just follow what people are talking about right now.

Especially if you blog about a topic that you have good opinions about., even better! You can seize the opportunity and comment on the latest trends in your field.

Where to find current trends in your channel?

If you are active on social platforms and read news about your topic. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

No matter what trends are emerging in your field You can easily find information online. Easy. Free. Great posting potential 100%.

Now, let’s use another great Google tool to find out more:

Step 1:
First, head straight to Google Trends.

Step 2:
Type a search term or topic in the box and press Enter:

What to blog about: How to find blog post ideas and topics that generate traffic to your blog.

Step 3:
Narrow your search if desired on the results page. (Location and time period):

Step 4:
Take a look at the general trends: Look at the graph above with a nice blue trendline, the value 100 represents the most popular and 50 represents half of the popularity.

for “Learn Coding”, the trend seems relatively stable. If you see a strong downtrend Think carefully before you start writing. Isn’t it pointless to write about trends that are already fading?

Step 5:
Find related search terms:
at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a section called Related Search Terms These are the search terms that users find your main search term used as well. Use it for more ideas and inspiration:

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners: How to Use Google Trends to Find Traffic-Generating Blog Post Topics

All in all, Google Trends is a great tool to find blog topics and trends that are just starting out.

If you arrange the time correctly You can write a post that will spread quickly before others notice. and then You will now benefit from ranking on Google.

Final Thoughts: Finding Traffic-Generating Blog Post Topics in 2020

In short: All you have to do to generate traffic to your blog is to find out what your readers want.

The above two practical tools are just the tip of the iceberg. of the real iceberg You can use other social media platforms like Pinterest or Twitter in the same way.

Oh and one more thing… Coming up with a blog post topic can sometimes be extremely confusing. When you start to feel like the topic of your post is getting boring, remember:

Every blog post should reflect who you are.

That’s right. I know I’ve said this many times. But it’s not wrong to say it again.

Getting it right is creating a good balance between blogging about topics you’re passionate about and writing posts your readers want to see.

So be sure to add some privacy to each post you publish. You will enjoy writing more. And your readers will love you even more!

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If you enjoyed reading this post on how to find blog topics that generate traffic. Just send me a comment below. How do you find the best blog topic ideas? Would you like me to write about another related topic to help you?

PS Please don’t forget to share this post so others can find it too! Thank you very much!

Happy blogging!
– Mikke

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