How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020? 6 Essential Steps for Blogging Beginners

If you want to start a successful blog where do you start

Starting a blog from scratch is like starting any other business. So you have a lot of work.

How can you make sure you start blogging the right way and avoid wasting time and money on things that won’t help you reach your goals?

Fortunately, you can start a successful blog with no experience using some helpful guidelines for true beginners.

with the steps in this article You’ll be sure you’re investing in the best blogging tools out there and not spending on resources that you don’t really need.

Un this post, I will walk you through 6 essential steps to start a successful blog for beginners.

Trust me, starting a blog is easier than you think. But when it comes to finding the right resources I’m here to help you

I am going to share with you the best resources for blogging that will pay off faster than you expected.

Read on!

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Step #1: Let go of the status quo.

Starting a blog can be the start of something that could change your life. completely in the future.

It’s an opportunity to start a long, challenging and demanding journey. But it’s also incredibly rewarding and empowering.

When you’re thinking of starting a blog about a topic that you’re passionate about. You really have to learn a new way of thinking that you It can change the course of things in your life. and most importantly you have to believe in it It will be a great experience!

If you keep thinking you’re not good enough or blogging too hard. You will not achieve your goals

So just understand that it’s up to you to change the status quo in your life. no matter how it turns out

Starting a blog will give you the opportunity to be active. Contribute to topics you love.And more importantly: to share your passion with the world and like-minded people around you!

Only then will you learn that power really feel like You will begin to feel that you are free from the expectations of others and from yourself.

And that’s when great things can happen, believe me.

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Step #2: Start Blogging Now – Even If You Don’t Feel “Ready”

The truth is: you will never 100% prepared, whatever you want to do.

I remember starting my first blog like yesterday. I am filled with insecurity in everything I do.

Of course, I want my blog to be perfect. (Which there is no blog in the world!) But at the same time I don’t even know what I’m doing.

I basically feel like I am. way out of my league All I want is to write about a topic that I’m passionate about. But I wasn’t close enough to feeling as if I knew enough about it.

Obviously, I’m not an expert or someone my readers can look up to.

Then there’s the problem of timing. I didn’t have much time to write a blog back then. I work full time! Not to mention many other things that have happened in my life.

but me refuse failed in this Because I’m so passionate about what I want to blog about.

I make a lot of mistakes for newbies. But I know I’m not 100% ready to start blogging about anything. ever.

What I can tell you right now is that you should start your blog now. Don’t think too much, just do it.

If you are not sure about this The longer you think you should or shouldn’t do it. You’ll have more reasons to postpone it all.

Think of starting your first blog as a learning process. We all have to start from the bottom every time we learn something new.

Step by step you will learn new skills. and do things You can get more at the same time. It won’t be long before you start to notice how your blog routine is structured. And that’s a good thing!

Step #3: Find the right topic and turn it into a success.

What do you like to do the most? switch to blog

Not sure what your topic should be? Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • What is your favorite topic to discuss with your friends and family?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What do you like doing in your free time?
  • What topics do you like to read and learn more about?

You’ll know when you find the right topic, trust me.

But why is it so important to find the right topic?

Because your love and devotion for your blog topic will shine through to your readers. The more you enjoy working with your topic, the better. The more fun your blog is to read.

This is a helpful post to quickly find the perfect blog topic.

Just remember that your blog should help your readers and give them value.

They must feel that you are helping them solve problems. provide them with useful information. and answer their questions That’s what keeps them coming back to your blog.

Step #4: Think of Your Blog as a Business

Yes, that’s right, you’re an entrepreneur!

If you want to start a blog to make money online. You must think of your blog as a business.

Like any other business Your blog can be successful only if you have a plan.

If you want to achieve a specific goal You have to set goals first, right?

So, start your blogging journey by finding out what you want to achieve in the long run.

Think about the time when you were thinking of starting a blog for the first time. Why would you be interested in embarking on a journey like that?

Once you know the goal It’s easier to see how far you’ve come. i mean If you don’t know where the finish line is How do you get to the finish line, right?

as mentioned Before you launch your blog Make sure you know exactly where you want to be.

  • 6 months,
  • 1 year or
  • 3 years

Then, set clear and measurable milestones. so you can track your progress along the way.

For example, aim for the number of blog visitors each month. You can also set a goal for the number of followers you want on your social network.

I know that not every blogger likes to think about strategy as much as me.

But here’s the deal:

You need a plan if you want to start a successful blog.

If you don’t know what your ultimate goal is You may need to change it as much as possible. And that’s a recipe for disaster. Your blog will be spread all over. Your readers don’t know who you are. and your motivation will be lost in the long run.

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Step #5: Press “Publish” before you are ready.

Publishing your post can be scary! It’s like you’re exposing a part of you to the world.

I feel like there is something very personal about the content I write for my blog sometimes. And I don’t even share anything private!

So sometimes I can’t press that publish button for some reason… I feel like it’s not good enough. And I know that it is. (sigh)

many bloggers Many people (including myself) over-analyze their posts. and in most cases Their readers won’t notice the difference if they just publish the post right away.

So from day 1, remember: your blog posts will never end 100%.

Your blog posts are the product of your mind that never stops. (meaning you are alive It’s a good thing!)

So be sure to publish as soon as you feel your post is ready for readers to see.

Don’t overthink it, you can always come back and edit and edit the text later if you want.

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Step #6: Learn patience and show commitment.

Starting a blog is something you should be proud of!

It is not an easy task and you will need a lot of time and effort to succeed and possibly make money by blogging in the future.

Because the truth is:

There are no shortcuts to success with blogging.

I mean if it’s that easy Everyone would do it, right?

This ensures that you don’t “lay off” blogging too soon. Remember to commit to your blog from the start.

It has started!

You won’t see results overnight. So you need patience, perseverance and determination.

Pair them all with passion and love for your topic. And you can be 100% sure that you will meet your blogging goals in the future.

Final Thoughts: How to Start a Successful Blogging in 2020?

If you want to start a successful blog from scratch. This post will help you get started in the right way. Have any other advice in mind? Share in the comments below!

Even if you’ve never started blogging before. Launching your first blog is a great opportunity to start a successful business. work from home and earn passive income

So what is the secret formula to starting a successful blog?

If you ask me, there are only three key elements you can focus on:

  1. Start with a solid technical setup for your blog: If there is something wrong with the technical part of your blog, such as with your hosting or WordPress setup, sooner or later you will run into problems.
  2. Create amazing content with every post: Your content is what keeps readers coming back to your blog. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your blog looks. If your post is not at the top level.
  3. Promote your blog with the right tools: Choose the right tools to promote your blog. Invest a few dollars in marketing – it will pay off sooner than you think.

Ready to start your blog? Great! go straight to my Step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog. where to start!

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Happy blogging!
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