How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name in 20 Minutes

because you are reading this I think you are interested in starting your own blog. – Great! In this post, I’m going to show you how to pick the perfect blog title without spending hours and days trying to find it.

You don’t want to waste your time right now, trust me. When you start a blog The best time to do so is now. That’s why I want to help you choose the perfect domain name for your blog niche. You only need 20 minutes – read on!

I know choosing a title for your blog can be overwhelming. The more you think about it The more insecure you will feel about your choices.

I have created many websites and blogs for myself and my clients. If I have learned one thing, here it is:

All in all, blog names and domains don’t really matter.


What is more important is The content you create and how do you promote it

But there are some points you need to consider when choosing a domain name. That’s what I’m here to help you.

Alright, let’s chase here!

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First of all: What is your blog?

Of course, you’ll want to find the perfect niche for your blog before thinking of the name.

If you are blogging about gardening You don’t have to mention fishing, cars, or weightlifting in your blog title.

Just in case you haven’t found the perfect niche for your blog. Check out my previous posts: How to find the perfect blogging niche.

Once you’ve found a specific group that you’re comfortable with. Let’s start with that blog name!

Things you should know before choosing a title for your blog:

1: Your blog title will become your brand.

This is why choosing the perfect blog name can be difficult. very with it in the future So you should choose the one you love.

As your blog grows and gets more traffic. That blog automatically becomes a brand for you and your content. Your readers will also begin to recognize and identify themselves.

So, make sure you choose a blog title that your target audience can relate to.

as simple as that

2: Use a .com domain name for your blog.

Currently, there are various domain extensions. many to choose from Some of them work very well. But some are stupid and unprofessional.

Want to play it safe for the long term? Me too.

That’s why I recommend buying a “.com” domain for your first blog. they just easy to remember, they Increase trust and credibility go to your blog and most often cheapest to register.

What is a domain name?  Start a WordPress Blog Step by Step Guide for Beginners

However, finding a free .com domain name can sometimes be a little difficult.

If that’s your case Instead, find and register a “.co” domain. It’s the closest one to .com, and since there aren’t that many .co domains registered, it’s a good idea. Finding available domains is easier.

(That said, don’t forget to violate any trademark or copyright with .co domain names!)

3: What is the best domain name for my blog?

Any domain name is fine, but here are some points you should consider when choosing a blog domain name:

  1. Is it easy to remember? Is it fake? Your readers should know what your blog is about when they see your domain name.
  2. Do you have to spell it out? If you want to spell out your domain name for anyone. It might be too difficult. Don’t overthink it. You don’t want to spell it out letter by letter to everyone asking how they can find it online.
  3. Is it unique? Choose a blog and domain name that represents you as a blogger and as a person. Make it unique and creative! Remember, you have to stand out from the crowd to be a successful blogger!

However, try not to spend too much time choosing the perfect domain name for your blog.

That said, let’s find the perfect blog name! It only takes 20 minutes and we’ll explain step by step!

How to find the perfect blog name in 20 minutes:

Start by downloading a free copy of the 20-minute blog title worksheet below. This will help you gather your thoughts and ideas while brainstorming!

1: Brainstorm words related to your topic and niche (5 minutes)

What is your blog about? What will readers think when they search for your blog?

If you want to attract readers interested in gardening Let’s compile a list of related terms.

don’t think too much just take any The words that pop up in your mind

Let’s try to come up with a good name for your gardening blog:

  • landscaping
  • plant
  • grow vegetables
  • flower
  • gardener
  • landscaping tips

2: Search for more words too. (5 minutes)

The thesaurus helps you come up with words that are better related to your blog and the topic:

  • greenhouse
  • field
  • plow
  • backyard
  • cultivation
  • planting
  • horticulture

3: Think of adjectives and related nouns – get creative and create your own words! (5 minutes)

  • growing
  • green
  • soil
  • Plantify
  • caretaker
  • greenery
  • grow up
  • pretty
  • Gardenero
  • nature
  • useful
  • urban landscaping

4: Enter a few words and see if the domain is free (5 minutes)

Once you’ve completed the brainstorming process, It’s time to see if you have some domain name ideas.

  • (Okay, this one is pretty good, isn’t it!)

There’s so much you can do in just a few minutes!

Found someone you like? cool! Just try the Bluehost domain name search below to see which domains can be registered for free:

And that’s really all there is to it! Well done, you’re ready, woohoo!

One More Tip: Find Your Blog Name Using a Name Generator

Okay, I know sometimes you can’t come up with a catchy blog name with the steps above. There are days when your brain isn’t ready for any storm. I have days like that more than enough.

If it sounds familiar Here’s another tool you can use for blog names and domains:

To use Name Mesh, just Type 1-3 words in the search box and press “Create”.. Then wait for the engine to come up with dozens or hundreds of creative name ideas for you.

I know they sometimes loooooong

But there are always good people in there. just write good things Go down and see which ones are free!

How do I buy a domain name for my blog?

Once you’ve found the right domain name and want to register it, it’s time to. Find a domain name registrar..

There are hundreds of providers. And you can freely choose the service provider you like.

My #1 choice and recommendation for domain names and hosting is They offer incredibly quick and easy setup for both domain name registration and hosting setup for your blog.

Domain Name and Blog Hosting Special Deals:

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With Blogging Explorer you can access exclusive blog hosting and domain packages starting at just $2.95 per month:

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In fact, when you register with Bluehost today, you get a free domain name for your blog!

to help you through the beginner-friendly registration process. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog on Bluehost in 10 minutes.

And that’s all!

Get out there and start your blog today!

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If you have any questions or comments About this post on how to find the perfect blog name. Just send a comment below.

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ok i will contact you later Happy blogger!
– Mikke

FAQ: How to choose the perfect blog name and domain?

How do I choose a domain name for my blog?

A good blog and domain name should be something you and your readers love.

Here are some key points to follow:

  1. keep it simple
  2. Make it smarter (if you can)
  3. Reflect your business and brand
  4. Be careful with the spelling (e.g. may look like – bad).
  5. Choose a .com domain extension.
  6. Do not infringe any copyright or trademark.

This will help you get going!

What is the best domain name?

In general, the best domain names are .com domains that are easy to remember. Inexpensive to register and increase the credibility and credibility of your blog with your readers.

Additionally, the best domain name is one that both you and your reader can identify. It should represent you and your blog as a brand. and at the same time attracting your target audience.

How do I register a domain name for my blog?

Registering a domain name for your blog is described above under “How to buy a domain name for your blog”.

How much does a domain name cost?

The cost of a domain name depends on domain name registrar You choose. This is a service provider that allows you to buy and sell website names, such as domains.

Each registrar charges slightly different prices for domain names.

when you start blogging You only need one domain name for your blog. Usually there is a charge anywhere. Between $8 and $20 per year.

My personal favorite domain name registrar and blog hosting provider is Bluehost. When you sign up for hosting with them, you get 1 free domain name – Even with the cheapest hosting plans

Click here to register your domain name and sign up for hosting with

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your blog and hosting. Please see my advice: How to start blogging in 10 minutes on Bluehost.

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