Role Playing

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"Is not it too late to start out over?" When you've got reminiscences of taming monsters, it is by no means too late! Do you miss the time you had an journey with Mina? Would you want to fulfill new characters? Be a part of Mongil once more! ▶Journey Cheonnigil from one step! Purchase and develop monsters by journey! Get legendary gear and a dimensionstone that permits you to enter the Rift of Time and Area! ▶Day Dungeon 3 occasions a day on daily basis! Clear the day of the week dungeon. You'll be able to transcend monsters by accumulating transcendence feathers! Create an excellent stronger transcendental character! ▶ Cracks in building Enter the space-time rift with the dimension stone obtained from the journey! Purchase the strongest [Unique Equipment] to make yo...

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